Do you have to feel qi for qi to work?

No, if at all you only feel your own body's qi.
It is thicker and not so fine flowing.

Closed qigong knows the guiding of your own qi
in the meridians of the body by the mind.
During such an exercise you can lose contact with qi
and then have to start again,
i.e. to build contact anew.

Moreover this method uses energy and qi.
If only little qi exists, as with a sick person,
then this person loses more qi and is weakened.

With Zhineng Qigong it is different.
We organize a qi field with the Hun Yuan Qi of the
universe and strengthen the effects.
The qi of the universe, the Hun Yuan Qi,
is so fine - you do not feel it.
We open ourselves at once, absorb this fine qi
from the beginning.

In our body it is changed to our own body qi.
This is how we strengthen the weak qi of
the sick person at once.

Simultaneously we cultivate the qi flow in the body.
This improves the well-being of the sick person.

This is also possible with internal martial arts,
but it takes too long until the effects arise.

With closed qigong exercises you open yourself
as soon as the flow of your own body's qi has
been cultivated.

First cultivate your own body's qi, then external qi.
No wonder it takes much longer.

One example shows clearly:
With Zhineng Qigong we use the motorway.
With closed qigong we drive on country roads.

A sick person needs the effects of qi at once.
Speed is essential, therefore use the motorway.

To feel qi is not important, the main point is it works.
We send qi by our mind where it is needed.
How to get there qi knows best.
We notice when it arrives at the target.
That is enough.

Of course we know how to emit qi to a sick person
from outside as with closed qigong.

Posted in German by detlef,
translated into English  by dolores



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