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Does it make sense to learn historic qigong ?

Yes, this is how to learn something about qigong. Examples explain for whom and to what purpose. Example The wooden draisine, the dandy-horse, a forerunner of the bycicle has no pedals, no backpedal brake. The later penny-farthing had no gear, one wheel rotation of the large wheel, a much longer track than that of a small wheel. A modern bike has backpedal brake, pedals, chain, gear, so you can select the transmission as for a large or a small wheel, the real wheel size loses importance. For small children we also have dandy-horses today. Thus they are trained early for a bike. Example The original pommel horse on the Hasenheide looked different from today's, also the gymnastic clothing. Shirts and pants in stripes are not customary today. The materials are different, for apparatus and clothing. Result For show events it can be very nice. Everyone enoys seeing a penny-farthing in motion or a team of gymnasts in striped clothing. As with the dandy-