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Does it make sense to learn historic qigong ?

Yes, this is how to learn something about qigong. Examples explain for whom and to what purpose. Example The wooden draisine, the dandy-horse, a forerunner of the bycicle has no pedals, no backpedal brake. The later penny-farthing had no gear, one wheel rotation of the large wheel, a much longer track than that of a small wheel. A modern bike has backpedal brake, pedals, chain, gear, so you can select the transmission as for a large or a small wheel, the real wheel size loses importance. For small children we also have dandy-horses today. Thus they are trained early for a bike. Example The original pommel horse on the Hasenheide looked different from today's, also the gymnastic clothing. Shirts and pants in stripes are not customary today. The materials are different, for apparatus and clothing. Result For show events it can be very nice. Everyone enoys seeing a penny-farthing in motion or a team of gymnasts in striped clothing. As with the dandy-

The Reference System of Zhineng Qigong - what is it ?

You can realize how important the reference system of Zhineng Qigong is when you understand how progress develops. You learn and practise the form of the first level. You fill the form with content. The personal reference system adapts to it. You can learn the form of the next level. There it continues alike. You can practise the forms of following levels. However, the filling with content is only successful if the previous level is finished. The adaptation of the reference system terminates the level. Body and mind have become an entirety again. The knowledge of what the reference system is is revealed. Once you understand it you know why it is possible to practise a level for years without making any progress. Posted in German by detlef, translated into English  by dolores  

Frozen Shoulders

In Europe a woman in the early fifties "thawed" her frozen shoulders with the additional exercise Tai Ji Ball of Zhineng Qigong and regained full agility. Thawing goes slowly - 30 minutes of Tai Ji ball daily - the gong lastet 360 days. During menopause women often have to deal with frozen shoulders. See also videos of Pang Ming on Tai Ji Ball .  

Freedom of Thoughts

  Free translation of an old German song on the freedom of thoughts: "Thoughts are free, who can guess them, they fly past like shades in the night. No one can know them, no hunter shoot them with powder and lead, thoughts are free! I think what I want and what makes me happy, but all in stillness and as it should be. My wish and desire nobody can deny me, it remains: Thoughts are free! And if they lock me into dark dungeons, all this is purely in vain. Because my thoughts tear down the barriers and walls, thoughts are free! So I say goodbye for ever to anxiety and I will also never more worry unnecessarily. In your heart you can always laugh and joke and keep thinking: Thoughts are free! I love wine, my girl-friend above all, she alone pleases me best. I do not sit alone with a glass of wine, my girl-friend at my side: Thoughts are free!"