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From the wild Apple to the cultivated Apple

A wild apple-tree bears some apples. The apples are small and sour and unpalatable for human beings. A grafted apple-tree in commercial growth bears many apples. The apples are sweet and you like to eat them. What has happened? A breeder has used his knowledge to grow a new variety that is tasty and very fruitful. This new variety is grafted as a scion onto the wild apple-tree and used in commercial growing for the people at large. Traditional qigong are like old apple varieties. To gain access to the effects of qi is not easy. Zhineng Qigong is like a cultivated apple. Even sick persons feel the effects of qi and many can make good progress. Dr. Pang Ming is like the cultivator of a new variety. The grafted variety has been pruned, mystic and religious elements were eliminated, and characteristics changed - taste and yield. Quick effects and rapid progress are the result. Today, too, new varieties of apples are created and are proven and documented. F

What is so special about Zhineng Qigong

 There are more than 3000 different qigong. Why now one more - Zhineng Qigong? Qigong has developed over many thousands of years. It is the result of this development. The progress continues. At the beginning were the closed exercises. The martial arts also have open exercises. The development was as follows: Qigong, then martial arts, hard martial arts, soft martial arts. Zhineng Qigong is the first open system. It is a jump in evolution. A specialty was added. Practising in the qi field. Other open systems can follow. The progress continues. Posted in German by detlef, translated into English by dolores  

Zhineng Qigong without teacher doesn't do - Why ?

It is like a candle - without flame no light. What is it good for if the fire is lacking to light it? The form, that is the exercise, is only the candle. Poor teachers are like big candles without flame. You can learn the form from them - nothing more. Then the exercises are only gymnastics. So, a candle without flame does not suffice. The form has to be filled with contents. You need a teacher with a burning flame. There you can fetch fire - then it works. Then the light will burn and shine ever stronger. Posted in German by detlef, translated into English  by dolores  

The Essence of Joy

Joy is the power drive of life, Joy helps us to exceed boundaries, Joy helps us to solve problems, Joy changes our mood, Joy chases fears away, Joy sets us free, Joy makes us strong. Why are we not joyful? Are we afraid of being joyful? Let's not mistake success for joy. We do not forget moments of joy. These memories do not fade. These are lucky times in life. Joy strengthens the power of life. Joy gives us life energy. Joy works like Qi. Qi is power of life, is life energy. Posted in German by detlef, translated into English by dolores