From the wild Apple to the cultivated Apple

A wild apple-tree bears some apples.
The apples are small and sour and
unpalatable for human beings.

A grafted apple-tree in commercial growth
bears many apples.
The apples are sweet and you like to eat them.

What has happened?
A breeder has used his knowledge to grow
a new variety that is tasty and very fruitful.
This new variety is grafted as a scion onto
the wild apple-tree and used in commercial
growing for the people at large.

Traditional qigong are like old apple varieties.
To gain access to the effects of qi is not easy.

Zhineng Qigong is like a cultivated apple.
Even sick persons feel the effects of qi
and many can make good progress.

Dr. Pang Ming is like the cultivator of a new
variety. The grafted variety has been pruned,
mystic and religious elements were eliminated,
and characteristics changed - taste and yield.
Quick effects and rapid progress are the result.

Today, too, new varieties of apples are created
and are proven and documented.
For Zhineng Qigong the effectiveness has also
been proven scientifically (study on 7936 cases
in the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center in China
with medical examinations by Western-trained
doctors at the beginning and end of the stay).

Many who engage in qigong want to feel qi.
But it is not at all important whether you
feel qi or not.

With Zhineng Qigong we feel the effects of qi:
we feel that we are doing better.
This is cause for joy and continued practising.



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