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Freedom of Thoughts

  Free translation of an old German song on the freedom of thoughts: "Thoughts are free, who can guess them, they fly past like shades in the night. No one can know them, no hunter shoot them with powder and lead, thoughts are free! I think what I want and what makes me happy, but all in stillness and as it should be. My wish and desire nobody can deny me, it remains: Thoughts are free! And if they lock me into dark dungeons, all this is purely in vain. Because my thoughts tear down the barriers and walls, thoughts are free! So I say goodbye for ever to anxiety and I will also never more worry unnecessarily. In your heart you can always laugh and joke and keep thinking: Thoughts are free! I love wine, my girl-friend above all, she alone pleases me best. I do not sit alone with a glass of wine, my girl-friend at my side: Thoughts are free!"