Is it difficult to find your qigong? - No, why?

It is easy for me as advanced practitioner.
It may be difficult for a beginner.
But I was extremely lucky.
The first try was already successful.
The teacher was very good.
I did not lose any time by searching.

Why is it so easy for me now to rate it?
The more than 3000 qigong are only one way.

Why? - All are closed qigong forms.
The next group is Zhineng Qigong alone.

Why? - Only Zhineng Qigong is an open system.
There are also open exercises in martial arts.

But these are exercises, no systems.
So there are only two groups

Group one - closed qigong forms
Group two - open qigong forms

If you have learned a closed form,
you know the principle of this direction.
An alternative is then only the open form.
There is only Zhineng Qigong
or martial arts.

With martial arts it is similar:
First came external martial arts.
Then internal martial arts were created.
The internal martial arts are superior to
external martial arts.

With qigong first came the closed forms.
With Zhineng Qigong there is now the open system.

It is clear: you change from external martial arts
to internal martial arts - not vice versa.

The same with qigong: from closed forms
you change to open forms - not vice versa.

The question is whether you also want to learn
martial arts at the same time - but this is not required.

So it is very easy, as there are only two styles
of practice: open or closed.

You do not have to try all more than 3000 closed
styles of practicing qigong - they are all similar.
One closed qigong is sufficient.
You then know about it.

Posted in German by detlef,
translated into English  by dolores



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