Spontaneous Qi – What is it?

This is about spontaneous qi movements.

Spontaneous qi is an abbreviated term for this.
Another hint: spontaneous qi is not an exercise.

Spontaneous is only spontaneous when it occurs spontaneously.
An exercise is not spontaneous, but intentional.

Qi tries to flow through the body,
to open ways and create new ones.

This is also a sign for blockages that are eliminated.
With regular practice it lessens, disappears.

It is enough to stay calm, to observe precisely,
to change body postures so that qi can flow
and make its way.

When you start to practise Zhineng Qigong,
qi starts to flow, not all ways are free,
there may be blockages, however these are rare.
Spontaneous qi is possible, but rare.

Why? - Zhineng Qigong is an open system,
we open ourselves from the start, try to avoid
blockages, but cannot exclude them.

Regular practice keeps the qi flow activated.
This is how we ensure a free flow without blockages.

Posted in German by detlef,
translated into English  by dolores



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