Zhineng Qigong - where does our path lead to ?

Who arrives here, should already practise

Level 1 and 2 on his own and intensify,
thus have arrived at interpretation.

Of course, you can already practise Level 3, too,
however the question remains:
"Where does the path lead to?"

What do we mean when we say:

"Zhineng Qigong has to become a part of your life."

Did you ever ask yourself:
"Why do I hardly see the master practise?"

It is easy once you have understood it.

The path is the aim and what does the aim look like?

Well, we practise, loosen tensions, care for qi flow,
strengthen qi, exchange qi with our surroundings,
care for harmony, learn to act quietly and
thoughtfully, thus also looking for harmony
for the mind.

What awaits us at the aim once we reach it?

Well, every movement is done with qi.
We do not need any particular practice.
Any movement is just practice.
Qi flows continuously, used qi leaves us,
we gather pure Hunyuan Qi.

This is just an insight.
Our perception is changing.
We will be aware of what we didn't notice.

One thing is certain: we advance only step by step,
without the exercises and daily practice
we will not be able to get there.

Posted in German by detlef, 
translated into English by dolores



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