Qi - how it works on blood pressure

With Zhineng Qigong you can influence
too high or too low blood pressure and regulate it.
This is not to replace medical drugs.

I myself have a slightly increased blood pressure.
My doctor gave me a medical drug.
I swallowed it for some time.

Medical drugs work constantly, without interruption.
I did not want to accept the side effects.
I discontinued to take them and informed my doctor.
The risk is entirely mine.

With or without medical drugs the blood pressure
is not the same during the whole day - physical
stress causes short-time peaks.
This is normal, no problem for healthy persons.

Daily Zhineng Qigong practice regulates it.
Too low blood pressure is normalized,
too high blood pressure is reduced.
To what extent medical drugs are still required,
is the task of a doctor. Often a less strong medical
drug or smaller dose of it is required.

Zhineng Qigong works also on the mind.
You can control qi with your mind.
Qi flows into the direction you tell it.
As a human being you are able to do that.

Until now I only practised the basic exercises.
These basic exercises already help to become
aware of these capabilities and thus get them
ready for use.

An Example
As soon as I let qi flow down from above,
it is possible for me to lower the SYS value
of my blood pressure by approx. 20 points
within seconds. No medical drug works that quickly.

The qi flow is controlled by my mind,
at the same time the blood pressure decreases
as a side effect. This is no Zhineng Qigong exercise,
but Zhineng Qigong gave me the access to it.

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translated into English by dolores



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