Is there a Translation for Qi?

Why translate when even in the Chinese language
the meaning is not fully contained in Qi.

Previously, it stood for power of life or life energy.
Today it means air, breath or steam.

Dr. Pang Ming says: "Qi does not contain all of it.
Once there is a better word for it, we will take that.
Until then let's use Qi."

We therefore keep Qi and don't translate it.
Who once felt Qi, knows what it is.

We do not practise to feel Qi.
If we would expect that Qi would hardly flow.
Then the disappointment is great.

An example that I have seen.
Someone rubs his hands against one another,
moves with his hands over his face
and says: "Do as I do and you will feel Qi."

This is frictional warmth when the hands
are in contact with one another, not Qi.

We practise Zhineng Qigong to let Qi do its work.
We do not need to feel the Qi flow.

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translated into English by dolores



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