Wallsquats - Dun Qiang Fa

A simple exercise to straighten out the body.

Small children squat naturally - even for long time.

From school age on we hardly squat.
So we lose this capability again.

As adults we can't do it any more.
This is due to modern lifestyle.

With the wallsquats we can learn to do it again
and get back to former agility.

Although the motion sequence is very simple,
many mistakes are possible.

We need the checking of a good teacher.

With muscle power
you can only do a few wallsquats.

When the movement is done with qi,
many repetitions are possible.

A good teacher knows how to do the movement with qi and can explain it in detail.

These were some additional exercises
that are known in the Zhineng Qigong system.
Further exercises will not be explained here.



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