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The Essence of the Break

Breaks are important for everyone.
These are the times to gather energy.

Who works without breaks is quickly exhausted.
It is like running without catching air.
Then you are soon out of breath.

It is like standing still for an instant,
to prepare for what is to come.

This is how to act thoughtfully,
avoid mistakes, do more,
without wearing yourself out and more efficient.

In daily life we need breaks.
We have to plan them.
Otherwise our life is all over with
before we even noticed.

Zhineng Qigong helps us in the meditative part
to insert these breaks into our life.

A break is an interruption
of a sequence by an action.
We are doing something, helping ourselves.

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Being calm and composed

In the midst of life's turmoil

deep inside, an island of tranquility,
an ocean of composure,
gentle waves and a light breeze,
a quiet heart and an alert mind,
grow from conscious acting.

Sense and nonsense, side by side,
treasuring and paying attention to small things,
but don't lose yourself in details,
pondering, awaiting, the darkness clears,
light falls onto your path and shines for you.

Set your gaze to the aim and go forward.

To become calm and composed

Why is it so important?

Let your gaze roam about consciously
through the window into nature,
into the vast landscape,
just for the blink of an eye-lash,
the fraction of a second.

Your heart feels this moment of tranquility
and treasures it.
How precious are some moments.

Moments of stillness in the midst of your daily life,
where your own melody chimes,
that what makes you perceptibly you.

May your day have many such moments.

Qi - how it works on blood pressure

With Zhineng Qigong you can influence
too high or too low blood pressure and regulate it.
This is not to replace medical drugs.

I myself have a slightly increased blood pressure.
My doctor gave me a medical drug.
I swallowed it for some time.

Medical drugs work constantly, without interruption.
I did not want to accept the side effects.
I discontinued to take them and informed my doctor.
The risk is entirely mine.

With or without medical drugs the blood pressure
is not the same during the whole day - physical
stress causes short-time peaks.
This is normal, no problem for healthy persons.

Daily Zhineng Qigong practice regulates it.
Too low blood pressure is normalized,
too high blood pressure is reduced.
To what extent medical drugs are still required,
is the task of a doctor. Often a less strong medical
drug or smaller dose of it is required.

Zhineng Qigong works also on the mind.
You can control qi with your mind.
Qi flows into the direction you tell it.
As a human being you are a…

Qi - how it works and how it doesn't

Zhineng Qigong is a qigong method.

Astonished I once witnessed
how an archer's exercise was taught.

The practitioners were told to take a posture
as if an archer draws his bow.
Then you should imagine that qi flows.

It was a static posture that I saw.
I am sure that none of the practitioners
had qi flowing.

Qi is not only life energy or power of life
but also a mental power.

What does it mean for this exercise.
In the archer's posture you have to use your mind
to relax mentally, to become quiet,
to relax the muscle tension and then
to activate the qi flow mentally.

You cannot ask this of beginners,
they will certainly have tensions in the posture
and then qi cannot flow.
Totally apart from whether they are able
to activate the qi mentally, that is to let it flow.

This is too complicated.

I could do the exercise with qi flow,
but to do that I would have to practise this exercise.

This is a closed exercise, not an open one,
it does not belong to Zhineng Qigong,
so I will not pr…

Is there a Translation for Qi?

Why translate when even in the Chinese language
the meaning is not fully contained in Qi.

Previously, it stood for power of life or life energy.
Today it means air, breath or steam.

Dr. Pang Ming says: "Qi does not contain all of it.
Once there is a better word for it, we will take that.
Until then let's use Qi."

We therefore keep Qi and don't translate it.
Who once felt Qi, knows what it is.

We do not practise to feel Qi.
If we would expect that Qi would hardly flow.
Then the disappointment is great.

An example that I have seen.
Someone rubs his hands against one another,
moves with his hands over his face
and says: "Do as I do and you will feel Qi."

This is frictional warmth when the hands
are in contact with one another, not Qi.

We practise Zhineng Qigong to let Qi do its work.
We do not need to feel the Qi flow.

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The missing Mosquito Net

An everyday tale:

In a tropic landscape people protect themselves
at night against mosquitoes with a net.

What astonished me on my second stay in China:
My friend had no mosquito net over her bed.
She showed me with her finger
how a mosquito flies towards her
and then at some distance
suddenly turns round and flies away from her.
She had avanced greatly with Zhineng Qigong
and her personal qi field and Gong Fu
were so strong
that mosquitos avoided her by far.

Therefore she had no more need of any mosquito net.

Zhineng Qigong - where does our path lead to ?

Who arrives here, should already practise

Level 1 and 2 on his own and intensify,
thus have arrived at interpretation.

Of course, you can already practise Level 3, too,
however the question remains:
"Where does the path lead to?"

What do we mean when we say:

"Zhineng Qigong has to become a part of your life."

Did you ever ask yourself:
"Why do I hardly see the master practise?"

It is easy once you have understood it.

The path is the aim and what does the aim look like?

Well, we practise, loosen tensions, care for qi flow,
strengthen qi, exchange qi with our surroundings,
care for harmony, learn to act quietly and
thoughtfully, thus also looking for harmony
for the mind.

What awaits us at the aim once we reach it?

Well, every movement is done with qi.
We do not need any particular practice.
Any movement is just practice.
Qi flows continuously, used qi leaves us,
we gather pure Hunyuan Qi.

This is just an insight.
Our perception is changing.
We will be aw…

Spreading Joy

What do you need? Not much.

A small gift and a smile.
That is already enough.

The smile itself is already a gift.

When someone smiles at you,
smile back at him.

Joy expands and takes effect.

Compassionate and together,
this connects and shines forth.

For the good of everyone, including yourself.

Zhineng Qigong - Strengthening the Self-Healing Powers

Zhineng Qigong strengthens the self-healing powers.

Those are the experiences that practitioners make.

When a strong personal qi field has developed,
it affects also persons
that are not practising Zhineng Qigong.

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Zhineng Qigong - The Path is the Aim

Practice and theory are of help,

perceptions and experiences on the path,
are equally important.

Then the qi powers can have full effect.

Only someone who walks the path,
can reach the aim.
Let's continue on our way.

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The brighter the light, the deeper the shadow

A well-known proverb.
Who uses it often turns his gaze
in the wrong direction: to the shadow.

Let's turn around, let's gaze into the light,
let's be glad of what we achieved,
let's ask ourselves: "What is our aim?"

Let's move towards our aim.

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Zhineng Qigong and Hunyuan Qi

This is also about powers.
There are different forms of qi.

Zhineng Qigong works with Hunyuan Qi
the finest and purest qi of the universe.
It is everywhere and penetrates everything.

We collect it or give it to sick persons.
In this way we strengthen the immune powers
and contribute to recuperation.

To use the powers of nature
without changing them
is another way of healing art.

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Fields of force of Water

Water disposes of fields of force.

Disturbed sleep above an underground watercourse,
we also heard of that already.

Water - source of all life -
information about the journey is in the water.

Researchers have found differences
between holy water and normal water.

Water is not like water.

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Fields of force of the Sun

We all know it: The sun brings warmth and light.

Sun winds can influence our life.
They upset not only wireless transmissions or navigation.

To what extent ice ages might have been caused
by the sun, researchers are trying to find that out.

For sure, there are still many other powers
of the sun.
It is natural to use these powers, too.

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Fields of force of the Moon

We all know it: ebb-tide and flood-tide
are caused by the powers of the moon.
They affect the earth.

The earth is deformed from ball shape to egg shape.
The deformation of the earth in direction to the moon
is similar on the earth side
that is turned away from the moon.

This explains the weakened fields of force
at new moon.

Zhineng Qigong practitioners use these powers.

The Moon over Bielefeld - taken on 16.06.2011
shortly after a long total lunar eclipse.
The moon still shines in reddish light.

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Fields of force on Earth

On earth there are different fields of force.

Magnetism is used for a compass.
The Chinese knew of these effects already before us.

„Hotspots“  where you find volcanic activity
even within the earth's plates and which stay
when the earth plate moves.
Why this is so is being researched.

Strong qi fields
The Chinese just accept them as they are.
They use their knowledge.
We want to use it, too.

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Healing powers of nature

Medicinal herbs from nature,
the beginnings of our medicine, too.

Water used for healing,
curative baths, Kneipp baths,
this is also not new to us.

Indian methods with oils and other
substances from nature are known.

Chinese methods of medicine
with plants and substances from nature,
are also known to us.

Mostly we cook a medicine with them,
drink them, apply them externally.

The use of qi and other powers
from nature is not that known to us.

These healing powers also exist in nature,
they do not wear out by use,
they are not used up.

Let's take a closer look
at some of these healing powers.

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