Does it make sense to learn historic qigong ?

Yes, this is how to learn something about qigong.
Examples explain for whom and to what purpose.

The wooden draisine, the dandy-horse,
a forerunner of the bycicle
has no pedals, no backpedal brake.
The later penny-farthing had no gear,
one wheel rotation of the large wheel,
a much longer track than that of a small wheel.
A modern bike has backpedal brake, pedals, chain,
gear, so you can select the transmission
as for a large or a small wheel,
the real wheel size loses importance.

For small children we also have dandy-horses today.
Thus they are trained early for a bike.

The original pommel horse on the Hasenheide
looked different from today's, also the gymnastic clothing.
Shirts and pants in stripes are not customary today.
The materials are different, for apparatus and clothing.

For show events it can be very nice.
Everyone enoys seeing a penny-farthing in motion
or a team of gymnasts in striped clothing.

As with the dandy-horses for small children
many thin…

The Reference System of Zhineng Qigong - what is it ?

You can realize how important the reference system
of Zhineng Qigong is when you understand
how progress develops.

You learn and practise the form of the first level.
You fill the form with content.
The personal reference system adapts to it.
You can learn the form of the next level.

There it continues alike.

You can practise the forms of following levels.
However, the filling with content is only successful
if the previous level is finished.

The adaptation of the reference system terminates
the level.

Body and mind have become an entirety again.
The knowledge of what the reference system is
is revealed.

Once you understand it you know why it is possible
to practise a level for years
without making any progress.

Posted in German by detlef,
translated into English  by dolores

Frozen Shoulders

In Europe a woman in the early fifties "thawed" her frozen shoulders with the additional exercise Tai Ji Ball of Zhineng Qigong and regained full agility.

Thawing goes slowly - 30 minutes of Tai Ji ball daily - the gong lastet 360 days.

During menopause women often have to deal with frozen shoulders.

See also videos of Pang Ming on Tai Ji Ball.

Freedom of Thoughts

Free translation of an old German song
on the freedom of thoughts:

"Thoughts are free,
who can guess them,
they fly past
like shades in the night.
No one can know them,
no hunter shoot them
with powder and lead,
thoughts are free!

I think what I want
and what makes me happy,
but all in stillness
and as it should be.
My wish and desire
nobody can deny me,
it remains:
Thoughts are free!

And if they lock me
into dark dungeons,
all this is
purely in vain.
Because my thoughts
tear down the barriers
and walls,
thoughts are free!

So I say goodbye for ever
to anxiety
and I will also never more
worry unnecessarily.
In your heart
you can always laugh and joke
and keep thinking:
Thoughts are free!

I love wine,
my girl-friend above all,
she alone
pleases me best.
I do not sit alone
with a glass of wine,
my girl-friend at my side:
Thoughts are free!"

Zhineng Qigong – Ayudamos Dr. Pang Ming!

¿Que pasa? - Desde Holanda quiere un nadie
que reservar la palabra Zhineng por el uso exclusivo

Hoy en Europa - y entonces, ¿dónde? - Todo el mundo lo sabe.

Esto impiende la propagación de Zhineng Qigong

Dr. Pang Ming no puede hacer algo desde China
Él ha creado Zhineng Qigong y sólo los derechos.

Tenemos que ayudarle,

"Zhineng Qigong"

en una palabra o si, cuántas partes, no importa

El término debe estar abierto al uso público
para cada estudiante
para mantener a los futuros profesores
para los maestros.

Es como si se bloquea una letra en el alfabeto
y esto no utilizarse

Esto nos concierne a todo
aportamos una protesta
con razón por que no lo debe ser.

Cada uno debe hacer su opinión por escrito.
Enviarlo una letra escrita en lengua materna


Oficina de Armonización del Mercado Interior
(Marcas, Dibujos y Modelos)
Avenida de Europa, 4
E-03008 Alicante

Asunto número 008888621
Indica "Observaciones de terceros" (gratuito) y
se refiere al artículo 7 po…

Zhineng Qigong – À l'aide de Dr. Pang Ming!

Qu'est-ce qu'il y a? - Quelqu'un des Pays Bas essaye
de se faire réserver exclusivement le mot Zhineng.

D'abord en Europe - et d'après où? On sait
comme ça marche.

Ceci empêche la diffusion de Zhineng Qigong.

Dr. Pang Ming ne peut pas s'en occuper de la Chine.
Il a créé Zhineng Qigong et en possède les droits exclusifs.

Nous devons venir en son aide.

„Zhineng Qigong“

si en un seul mot ou en plusieurs parties, égal.

Ce terme doît rester libre pour usage générale
pour tout étudiant, enseignant future ou enseignant.

C'est comme si on bloquerait une lettre de l'alphabet
et celle-ci ne pouvait pas être utiliséé.

Cela nous intéresse tous.
Écrivez dans votre langue maternelle.

Seul le numéro de l'application 008888621 en sujet
pour que l'office peut identifier le dossier.
Indiquez “Observations de tiers” (gratuit) et faites
référence à l’article 7 pour les motifs de refus.
Pour une opposition l’office charge une taxe de
350 Euro.


Zhineng Qigong – Support Dr. Pang Ming!

What's up? - Someone from the Netherlands wants

to reserve the word Zhineng for his exclusive use.

First in Europe - and then where? - You know
how it is.

This hinders the spreading of Zhineng Qigong.

Dr. Pang Ming cannot get involved from China.
He created Zhineng Qigong and has the sole rights.

We have to help him.

„Zhineng Qigong“

whether in one word or in several parts.

This term should be free for general use and
remain so for each student, future or present teacher.

It is as if you would block a letter from the alphabet
and you are not allowed to use it.

This concerns all of us.
Write in your mother tongue.
Make your opposition known.

Just mention the application no. 008888621 in
Latin characters so that the office knows
to which file you are referring.
Call it “Observations by third party” (free of charge)
and refer to article 7 for the grounds for refusal.
For an opposition the office charges a tax of
350 Euro.

Write why this should not be granted.
Let your opinion be…