Zhineng Qigong – Support Dr. Pang Ming!

What's up? - Someone from the Netherlands wants

to reserve the word Zhineng for his exclusive use.

First in Europe - and then where? - You know
how it is.

This hinders the spreading of Zhineng Qigong.

Dr. Pang Ming cannot get involved from China.
He created Zhineng Qigong and has the sole rights.

We have to help him.

„Zhineng Qigong“

whether in one word or in several parts.

This term should be free for general use and
remain so for each student, future or present teacher.

It is as if you would block a letter from the alphabet
and you are not allowed to use it.

This concerns all of us.
Write in your mother tongue.
Make your opposition known.

Just mention the application no. 008888621 in
Latin characters so that the office knows
to which file you are referring.
Call it “Observations by third party” (free of charge)
and refer to article 7 for the grounds for refusal.
For an opposition the office charges a tax of
350 Euro.

Write why this should not be granted.
Let your opinion be known in writing.

Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market
(Trade Marks and Designs)
Avenida de Europa 4
E-03008 Alicante

May be we will have to go to court to stop it.

Initiative Zhineng Qigong collects for this purpose

„Zhineng“ a CTM - no

Posted in German by detlef,
translated into English by sabine



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